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EL product
how to connect EL wire
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EL product 

What does EL mean?
EL is short for electro luminescent, Phosphor Particles which will give off light through an upper and lower substrate and upper
and lower electrodes sandwiching a material when high frequency AC voltage is applied. Electro Luminescent gives little heat,
which is called “cold light”.
Operating Principle of EL
“cold light” is a device for electrical energy convert, the operation voltage range of the light source is AC40V~AC220V
(frequency:50HZ~4000HZ). Rising voltage or frequency can increase the light intensity (when rise the frequency,the color will
change). As an AC voltage is applied to the electrodes the electric field causes the phosphor to rapidly charge and discharge,
resulting in the emission of light during each cycle. Since the number of light pulses depends on the magnitude of applied voltage,
varying the operating voltage and frequency can generally control the brightness of EL. “cole light” will not produce shadow,
glare.In addition to excellent light spread uniformity and neon effect, it suits various conditions, for example, it can be used in
narrow space, different shape, temperature,different voltage and vibration condition. It does much better than conventional products.

Features of EL components:  
1.Starting voltage: AC, DC, frequency 50-2,000HZ.  
2.Even lighting surface.  
3.Extraordinary thinness, ≦0.5mm.  
4.Small weight: 0.2g/cm2.  
5.Random twist or bending, easy for installation.
6.Cold light, without heat or damage of ultraviolet light.
7.Low power consumptions: <6mw/cm2.
8.Water-proof and good high-temperature.
Application scope
1.Liquid crystal lighting:
Widely used on keyboards of computers, laptops, PDAs, telephones, remote controls, electronic notebooks,computer dictionaries
fax machines, electronic scales, household electrical apparatus and panel and meters.
2.Auto industry:
Instrument panels, internal lighting, warning signals, internal decorations, license plates, third braking light and lighting decorations.
3.Signs and labels:
Warning signs, road marks, house number plates, entrance and exit signs, traffic signs and project construction signs.
4.Construction and internal decoration:
Floor number sign in lifts, emergency exit signs, lighting switch signs, wall decoration signs, desk lamp design and pedestrian
lights, etc.
5.Military and aviation application:
It can be used for military-purpose map lighting because it is light, thin, shock-resistant, shake-resistant, low power consumption
and low temperature. It is used on the panels of fighter aircrafts, fighter vehicles, and submarines for internal lightingand airport
nighttime signs for helicopters. It can also used for auxiliary lighting at military tunnels, airattack headquarters, nighttime airdrop
marks, nighttime military identification and directions as well as in aviation industry.
Advertisement on public buses, railway carriages, outdoor advertisement lighting box and play cards,desktop advertisement and
lamp stands, resturant menu design, garment ornaments and brooches, safety belt of military and police staff, political election
promotions, etc.
7.Gifts and Toys:
Buddhist statues, photo frames, Christmas lighting decorations, gifts, toys and complimentary articles,etc.

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