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EL strip tape 

lighting EL strip
Size:can make any customized size
Flexible and dightweight EL strip
excellent quality and competitive pric

Product name:

EL strip, EL tape, EL belt, EL ribbon


  1. Size: can make any customized size
  2. Brightness: 80-150 Cd
  3. Thickness: 0.5-0.6mm
  4. Light color: red, orange, purple, pink, green, blue, white

Flexible and light-weight
well-average lighting
Green product ,no hazard, Environmental friendly
Low Power consumption:
EL inverter:Input Voltage:DC12V/50HZ

OUTPUT Voltage:AC90V-130V/800HZ

EL tape,EL trip,el panel,el sheet,el backlight
1.Good choice for decoration.
2.Various colors,vivid lighting.
3.Super thin.

EL tape,el strip,EL belt ,el panel,el sheet,el backlight


It is very thin and flexible EL panel product,with high brightness, various colors,vivid flashing and lighting effect,which are popular used for different applications.


1.EL tape applications:

1.1.For house decoration--------walls,proofs,furnitures,window,stairs,corridors.

1.2.Car safety warning.------------Put on backside window,to increase the safey when driving at night.

1.3.Exit sign---------------------------For hotels,cinemas,theaters,bus stations,KTV bars,discos,clubs,supermarkets,

subways,exhibition centers and so on

.EL tape features:

2.1.Very very thin,only 0.5mm-0.8mm thick.

2.2.Very flexible,can be rolled for shipping.

2.3.Attractive lighting effect,can be made into many attractive colors.

2.4.Soft light,no harsh to your eyes.

2.5.Cool light,there is no heat when working.

2.6.Low power consumption:75w/m2


3.Complete product includes: el tape+inverter (DC12V+AC adaper or AC90-240V inverter)

1. EL Tape Application

  • 1. Exhibition place
  • 2. Company logo
  • 3. Indoor&outdoor decoration
  • 4. Club ,Disco,hotel,supermarket
  • 5. Movie house
  • 6. Subway,bus station advertisement
  • 7. Car sticker,Exit signs and so on.

2. EL Tape Features

  • 1. Flexible and thin
  • 2. Cold light,no heat generated, Green Products
  • 3. Low power consumption:80W per square meter
  • 4. Easy installed
  • 5. With attractive animation with soft light, Best choice for advertising
  • 6. Can be with customized printing on

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