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Greatworths Elight Co. Limited
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Verified Date : 2017-05-16

EL visible light charger cable 

 EMAIL for more information :   greatworths@gmail.com
skype: greatworths
Practical and fun, this USB Visible Light Charging Cable lets you charge or sync your mobile devices with flair. Though it functions just like the factory-supplied cable that comes with your iPhone, this ain’t no ordinary cable! Plug in your mobile device and watch the charge in action with blue lights that run up and down the cable. The more power means the faster the lights move so you always know where you’re at in the charging process. And when the device is fully charged, the visible charging current stops so you know you’re ready to go.

Electroluminescent light (EL) technology lets you enjoy this unique charging system with less power consumption so you save energy. Get a full charge as quick as…well…lightning with this cool and handy cable. The USB Visible Light Charging Cable runs an ample 80cm long. Choose from lightning or 30-pin adapter and get your charge on!

- Uses standard USB connection to charge and sync your mobile devices
- Bright blue flowing current
- Energy efficient
- Flowing speed shows how fast your device is charging
- Flexible and durable cable

3.USB cable length:80CM

Baisc color:
White with Blue Lighting
White with Green Lighting
White with Purple Lighting
Black with Blue Lighting
Black with Green Lighting
Black With Purple Lighting
Pink with Purple Lighting


Charge&Sync Data transmission

Charge and Sync for ipod/iphone/ipad while connecting to PC with provide USB charge&Sync Data Transmission




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